After a 5 year yoga practice in  New  York City,  I felt things begin to shift inside.  With each shift, came the ability to hear  my own voice, to what I wanted most, the chance to be the person I felt like on my mat and the person I felt like when I travel: alive, free, inspired, relaxed and at peace.

Prior to my life in "the grind" of NYC,  I had traveled the world and taken the kind of trips that change you . One such trip took me to a 3 day homestay  in  the highlands of Nicaragua. During that stay,  my friend and travel companion  had an unexpected allergic reaction to a bug bite causing alarm and the need to get back to town.   With no buses back for  2 days, the homestay family made it their mission to locate a pick up truck  and get us back to town, a 3 hour journey down unpaved roads.  Over that time, we shared coffee and tortillas and got a glimpse into another life and into our hearts. That trip became the first of many and the beginning of a relationship with Jane at Cafe Luz and the projects she supports, more specifically,  El Libro Volador, a mobile library bus project that brings books, materials, and a world of imagination and creativity to remote communities in the highlands of Nicaragua.  

Back in NYC, the work continued and my practice developed. I escaped the city once or twice a year, seeking a bit of what I had in the past. I went on yoga retreats and although they were in beautiful places and gave me the chance to unplug, they didn't give me the final piece that I needed, the chance to connect. And so, Alma Retreats was born. 


6 and a half years later,  over 15 retreats in Nicaragua, the addition of retreats in Morocco, Finland and Tibet,  thousands of dollars raised for El Libro Volador, hundreds of hours on the mat in some of the most breathtaking places in the world, new relationships, new partnerships, Alma Retreats came to be more than it sought out to be.  Alma Retreats is  a collaboration of teachers, students, healers, nurterers, innovators, yogis, and creators committed to a practice of open heartedness, gratitude, and self discovery.  

Alma retreats offers retreats and something more. We are about local relationships and ethical travel. We take people on experiences. We support local communities and cultures. We provide week long opportunities to unplug, to be that person you are on your mat, the person you are when you travel: free, alive, relaxed, at home.  Join us and see for yourself!


Stacey Clark 

Founder/ Owner of Alma Retreats 

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Yoga Teacher, writer, fundraiser, founder and owner of Alma Retreats, Stacey has spent the last decade  traveling the world and practicing and learning yoga. Stacey initially found her place on the yoga mat as a place where she could move around freely, cultivate strength and catch her breath. Since, her mat has become a place to calm the mind, ease pain, heal, release and grow. Stacey's classes are geared towards nourishment and over all well being, whatever that may mean each time you step on the mat.  She encourages her students to move in ways that feel good, kind and healthy, to find stillness and ease in their quieter practices and to leave space to listen to what’s inside.   


Stacey is an RYT 200 Teacher certified with Yatra Yoga and received her Yin Teacher Certification with Ishta Yoga. She calls Phoenix, Arizona home.

Much Love and Gratitude to all of the teachers who have been and continue to be part of Alma Retreats:

Kevin Lamb

Kate Saul

Pepper Monroe

Mikee Richardson 

Sara Auster

Jordan Katz/ Liz Vallenilla/ Alison Riazi/ Lisa Bermudez - SoulJourn Yoga 

Krystal Cordova 

Kelly Russ

Kelley Annese